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Protrack® Drafting Gate

A robust option perfect for those with tighter shed space.

Protrack® Drafting Gate

The tried and tested Protrack Drafting Gate offers a powerful automation system to help you farm with added precision. A robust option perfect for those with tighter shed space.

Protrack Gate has a smaller footprint than Intelligate but offers equally powerful automation.

Farm with precision using the Protrack Draft app on your smart phone or tablet. The intuitive easy-to-use software gives you flexibility to schedule drafts whether in the pit, yard or further afield, and provides an automated drafting solution suitable for all milking systems.

Key Features

  • Automated three-way drafting gate that makes drafting easy
  • Intuitive software designed for your smart device
  • Flexibility on when and where you schedule drafts
  • List of animals is automatically synced with MINDA® LIVE
  • Generates simple reports (e.g. live drafting, missing animals, drafted animals)
  • Easy to learn and set up on your farm
  • Remote control for instant drafting


  • 3.8m L x 1.5m W x 2.2m H; 0.75m W internal race
  • An electronic reader and antenna identifies each animal as they walk into the draft gate. The system checks to see if they are to be drafted
  • The gate will guide each cow in the desired direction before returning to its normal position, ready for the next animal

Choose Protrack if

  • Your Herd Management System is MINDA® LIVE, and is accurate and up-to-date
  • HDX EIDs are used on all your stock (EID Tag with black center)
  • You have a smaller shed space

Retro fit in small spaces

Low Maintenance

Robust, low Maintenance


Integrates with MINDA®