Allflex photoshoot at Thomas and Andrea Scheres Allflex photoshoot at Thomas and Andrea Scheres


For Industry, for People, for Good

The Agricultural Industry is full of great organisations and good people. So following our farmers lead we support a range of Industry, Charities and Community groups.

For Good - Allflex

 For Good

There’s some really good sorts out there. The kind who constantly put others above themselves. These are our type of people and it’s why we are always honoured when we get the chance to help them out.

Grassroots Rescue Helicopter

Philips Search and Rescue Trust (PSRT)

When you’re working in remote areas of the country, access to health centres is difficult. PSRT bridges that gap, helping our farmers in their hour of need and providing them with a truly life saving service. As part of a three year sponsorship deal, Allflex is committed to keeping this valuable service running.

Meat The Need

Meat the need

A compassionate farmer-led initiative, Meat the Need provides an easy platform to share real NZ farmed meat with those communities most in need. That’s why every year we spend a month dedicated to supporting Meat the Need, with a portion of all tag sales going to their cause.



The IHC Rural Calf Scheme knows the difference one animal can make for a family. So we try and make a difference for them, supplying the distinct pink tags that mark those animals that are part of the initiative.

For Industry - Allflex

For Industry

 The Agricultural Industry is full of great organisations and good people. These are some of the great businesses we get to help give back to Aotearoa. 

For People - Allflex

For People

There’s always time to do good. Even if it’s just something small to help make someone’s day. That’s why we’re always offering to help out local community groups, by providing them some of our awesome products as spot prizes or personalised tags for their events.

Assisting Community Events - Allflex

Community Events

Assisting Sports Clubs

Sports Clubs

Assisting School Galas

School Galas

Sponsorship Request

Allflex / MSD Animal Health proudly support our communities, but as you can appreciate there is a need for our team to evaluate sponsorship requests. In order for us to do this, if you are seeking sponsorship we required a written proposal outlining the following:

  • Overview of event / charity / activity? e.g. Attendee numbers, target audience, key stake holders and whether or not its national or regional opportunity.
  • Objectives of event / charity / activity and how this aligns with Allflex / MSD Animal Health brand proposition?
  • Proposed investment you are seeking?
  • Outline Allflex / MSD Animal Health brand opportunity in return for investment?

Our team assess sponsorship proposals on a quarterly basis, if you wish to be considered please email your proposals to the quarter prior. 31st March, 30th June, 30th September and 15th December.