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SenseHub Dairy

A flexible monitoring solution that will reveal new insights, and new opportunities to advance the efficiency and productivity of your farm.

SenseHub Dairy

SenseHub tracks a range of critical markers to deliver a single, accessible source of unparalleled insight into your herd. State-of-the-art capabilities can be customised to create a comprehensive picture of animal status across the production cycle, enabling more targeted and timely interventions to improve reproduction, health, nutrition and welfare.

SenseHub Dairy – the cow monitoring system that just makes sense.

Sensehub® Dairy

Key Features

  • Suitable for farmers wanting remote access via mobile app
  • Cloud-based system
  • Simple to install, use and maintain
  • Easily upgradeable
  • User-friendly interface
  • New Zealand based training and support team


  • Easily customise reporting to pinpoint intervention opportunities
  • Improve productivity through accurate heat detection
  • Actionable in-sights to improve health and productivity
  • Advance herd-wide nutrition and wellbeing with group-level insights
  • Streamline workflows and enhance wellbeing through automated sorting
  • A connected solution that adapts to your farm
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Real-time, actionable insights eliminate guesswork and inconsistency, reduce skilled labour requirements and save valuable time. With unmatched heat detection accuracy and precise insemination guidance you can reduce calving intervals, improve animal productivity, and advance herd genetics.


SHD alerts you to cows that may need further attention due to the risk of developing potential health issues, often before clinical signs become visable or production drops. With vital insights during high-risk times such as post-calving, you can make informed decisions in consultation with your veterinarian to help avoid physical deterioration and reduce treatment costs.

Cow Nutrition


SHD group monitoring help you understand health, comfort, nutrition, heat stress and other essential information. Quickly see how cows react to feed changes. Visualise long-term trends to make more informed nutrition decisions. Understand the effects of environmental factors such as extreme weather, we well as changes to mob grouping and staffing.

Payment options available

We know, it’s hard work, and you’ve never worked harder, so we’ve worked hard on our plans and payment structure to help take the pressure off, and let New Zealand’s most trusted collar monitoring do some hard work for you.


New Full Subscription

  • No upfront costs
  • Includes RS420 NFC Stick Reader
  • Continuous warranty & software upgrades on collars & application plans including free replacement and uninterrupted renewal of collars when needed.
  • Affordable small monthly payments, which helps with your budget and farm cash flow.
  • Simple and easy to understand billing statement.
  • Unlimited access to NZ based training service and support team.
  • Access to knowledge base and digital resources.
24 Months

24 Months interest free

  • Full warranty for the first 5 years.
  • Unlimited access to NZ based training service and support team.
  • Access to a knowledge base and digital resources.
  • Automatic software upgrades and backups for the warranty period.

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