SenseHub In-line SCC

Measure what matters with Sensehub In-line Somatic Cell Count

SenseHub In-line SCC

Confidently identify high SCC cases before each cow has finished milking, act quickly to protect milk quality, herd health and profits.

For dairy farmers who want to gain control over milk quality. SenseHub In-line SCC Sensor is an automated sensor for individual real-time Somatic Cell Count readings at the milking point that provides actionable insights that can help milk outputs, herd health and profitability because you can detect high SCC early without manual intervention so that you can focus vital resources and let your cows be cows

Features and Benefits

Features Benefits
Detects high SCCQuickly see the SCC of each cow at the precise point of milking.
Simple and automated traffic light system allows you to quickly identify cows with high SCC.
Identify problems much easier than with visual identification or lab testing.
Improve decision making Understand which cows require immediate action and which to monitor.
Better assess the value of treatment, and determine the best course of action with confidence.
Practice selective dry cow therapy for more targeted antibiotic usage.
Protect milk
profit margins
Make a decision in minutes to divert milk away from the bulk tank to maximise quality and avoid price penalties
Better anticipate milk output and likely losses ahead of time, and avoid nasty surprises at processing
Confidently keep your high performers milking longer without risk to milk quality
Streamline shed routines and proceduresFits seamlessly into your existing milking routine with no additional steps required
Overcome the limitations of unskilled labour by minimizing the need for pre-stripping and manual testing
Improve overall
cow wellbeing
Let your cows be cows; spend less time in shed and reduce unnecessary interactions
Protect the wider herd from infection risk through timely detection and separation of high SCC cows