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SenseHub® Intelligate Drafting Gates

Automate your drafting and save labour in the shed.

SenseHub Intelligate®

Direct cow traffic left or right according to your requirements. Cows with high or low activity can be automatically sorted or manually sorted by number. SenseHub Dairy Collars communicate with the gates to identify and draft cows on heat or those in need of attention, eliminating
human error.

Our SenseHub Intelligate Drafting solution now offers two gates to market, the original SenseHub Intelligate-P, designed with cow comfort and optimal flow in mind, this NZ manufactured gate is the ultimate drafting solution. For a limited time, we are also offering an economic little sister SenseHub Intelligate-S, with a smaller footprint, and smaller price tag, this gate is a great way to automate your labour intensive drafting on smaller yards and farms.

Designed and built specifically for New Zealand farming
practices and our weather conditions. Drafting from the SenseHub Dairy Collars and Infer-red (IR) technology vastly reduces the interference of outside noise and therefore increases drafting accuracy.

Key Features

  • Accurate sorting system
  • Left and right AM/PM sorting
  • Reduces labour
  • Automatically draft cows on heat
  • Sturdy cow-friendly design for optimal flow
  • Seamless integration with SenseHub Dairy Cow Collars

SenseHub Intelligate-S Specifications

  • Economic little sister to SenseHub Intelligate-P 
  • Ideal for smaller spaces and herds
  • 3 way drafting 
  • Sort animals via SenseHub Dairy monitoring reports, or manual sort via remote control/on gate toggle
  • Schedule from pit, paddock or office
  • Robust engineering
  • Designed and assembled in NZ
  • 4.1m L x 1.6m W x 2.2m H with 0.8m W internal race

SenseHub Intelligate-P Specifications

  • Seemless integration with SenseHub Dairy Collars
  • Choose if you have enough space to fit it to your existing shed or are in the process of upgrading your shed
  • Once assembled the Intelligate is 5000mm long, 1200mm wide (including switchboard) or 2280mm wide (including roof) and 2429mm high (including roof)
  • 5.0m L x 2.2m W x 2.4m H with 0.8m W internal race
  • The following are required within 1-2m of the Intelligate site:

– Pneumatic supply (100PSI)

– Electricity supply (240VAC)

Intelligate Dimensions
Intelligate Dimensions

Retro fit

Low Maintenance

Low Maintenance

Cow Collar

Seamless Integration