MSD Animal Health Announces MINDA Integration with SenseHub® Dairy Monitoring

Released: Monday 24th June, 2024

MSD Animal Health, who own SenseHub® Dairy Monitoring Technology (Previously Allflex Collars) are pleased to announce that they have partnered with Livestock Improvement (LIC) to bring you an integration between MINDA® herd management software and SenseHub® Dairy Monitoring Software.

This means certain data from the herd management system MINDA, once cleared through the holding pen will flow through to the SenseHub Dairy software, reducing the need for double data entry and saving farmers even more time.

This is a significant step towards MSD Animal Health’s overarching strategic goal to create a connected data ecosystem which improves the lives of farmers by advancing the user experience between technology platforms that farmers use daily.

“It’s exciting news for both our customers and MSD, and now it’s all hands-on deck to roll this out to customers who want to experience this new level of data integration” says Austin Heffernan (MSD Animal Health National Commercial Manager Monitoring and Automation). “This continues to keep our on-farm technology at the forefront of innovation particularly as we expand to in-shed milk sensors to provide greater real-time individual cow performance monitoring”.

MSD Animal Health and LIC are aligned in their mission to drive farmers business sustainability, profitability and greater success.  

Details of the integration, including timing and roll out plan will be communicated directly with current monitoring customers. Farmers can also be reassured there is no cost to them for this integration.

If you are a SenseHub Dairy customer and interested in the integration, please reach out to your local sales specialist or trainer. Our team are working through current customer integrations in a staged approached.

Want to know more about our Monitoring Solutions, including MINDA integration book your farm visit today.

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Monitoring Solutions – Branding Explanation

The brand names for our monitoring solution have been subject to changes since recording our videos and farmer stories.

MSD Animal Health, a division of the MSD group of companies under Merck & Co., Inc., Rahway, NJ., U.S.A. and a global provider of animal health pharmaceuticals and technologies, purchased the Allflex New Zealand business in 2019 (including certain SCR-branded animal monitoring technologies). At the time, Allflex animal monitoring solutions were known as Allflex collars and the relevant desktop-based software was HeatTime Pro (both of which you may hear about in this video). The dairy monitoring solutions are now branded SenseHub® Dairy – MSD Animal Health’s desktop-based software is now known as Dataflow II™ and cloud-based monitoring software is known as a SenseHub® Dairy solution. Allflex remains the brand name which represents our identification solutions.