Introducing SenseHub® Dairy
with Allflex® Collars

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It just makes sense

SenseHub® Dairy with Allflex® Collars is the flexible monitoring solution that gives you a sense of every individual cow, all in the palm of your hand.

SenseHub - The sense to know she’s on heat

The sense to know she’s on heat

Individual animal behaviour and rumination are monitored through our smart collars to provide insights into the reproductive status of each individual cow, identifying the optimal time to inseminate so you can eliminate the guesswork and inconsistency during the labour-intensive mating season. Evaluate the reproductive status of your heifers and cows to improve insemination accuracy and save costs.

Sensehub - The sense to know she's unwell

The sense to know she’s unwell

Our solutions monitor cow behaviour and activity, identifying quickly any changes which can indicate she is feeling unwell – often while she is subclinical with no visual symptoms. This will give you time to proactively react to the problem before it becomes a serious issue.

SenseHub - The sense to hold in your hand

The sense to hold in your hand

Gain peace of mind, with cloud based technology and phone alerts that can help staff identify problems early and intervene. Relying on data ensures staff can access regular breaks during crucial events of the season, and you can improve the well-being of all team members.

SenseHub - The sense to manage nutrition

The sense to manage nutrition

Understand how your cows react to feed changes including toxin or dry matter issues and ratio modifications. Early warning and intervention helps avoid long-term damage and ensures cows remain at their peak with adequate feed and nutrition.

Allflex training and support specialists in New Zealand.

World-class support

With a dedicated team of training and tech support specialists located across NZ, you are not just buying a system when you choose our monitoring and automation solution.

Watch videos about our monitoring technology

Ryan Luckman, Waimate Veterinarian, discusses monitoring from a vets perspective

“I take it back a step and say ‘right let’s see if we can make this work, without any gains in repro, and we actually can”

Amanda Kilby, MSD Technical Vet, answers the common questions about monitoring

“Our heat detection is excellent, we stand by that”

Steph Voice, Training Lead, gives us a sneak peak into the software during Mating and Calving

“We hope you get a bit of an insight into how easy monitoring technology can be to use”

Farmers Mat and Catherine Korteweg give us a warts and all account of their first 12 months with Collars

“It became obvious pretty quickly that we could 100% trust the collars in picking heats”

Integrate your system

SenseHub® Dairy seamlessly integrates via our Collars with Intelligate® so you can automate your drafting. Find out what’s available for a Rotary or Herringbone shed below, or discuss your unique requirements with your local Monitoring and Automation specialist.

Our suite of intelligent automation products will be integrated into SenseHub Dairy software over the coming months. With modular and retrofit options, you can start moving toward a fully integrated monitoring and automation system for your farm. Find out more about our Automation Solutions here.

Find your local specialist

Finance options available

Our team knows what it is like to run a farm business, and all the costs and cashflow
challenges that go with it. So, we’ve developed a simple and affordable way for you
to access our monitoring and automation solutions, designed specifically for you, the
New Zealand Dairy farmer.


Full Collar Subscription

  • Continuous warranty & software upgrades on collars & application plans including free replacement and uninterrupted renewal of collars when needed.
  • Affordable small monthly payments, which help with your budget and farm cash flow.
  • Simple and easy-to-understand billing statement.
  • Unlimited access to NZ-based training service and support team.
  • Access to knowledge base and digital resources.
24 Months

24 Months Interest-free

  • Full warranty for the first 5 years.
  • Unlimited access to NZ-based training service and support team.
  • Access to a knowledge base and digital resources.
  • Automatic software upgrades and backups for the warranty period.
Farm Source - Fonterra

Farm Source Account

  • Additional 2% discount when charged via your Farm Source Account.
  • Farm Source Reward Dollars.
  • No deferred payment terms.