Allflex SCC

Previously Protrack® SCC. Detect SCC infections earlier without having to strip your entire herd.

Allflex SCC

Get Somatic Cell Count (SCC) results within two minutes of cupping.

Allflex SCC automatically tests 1mL of milk at bail. The result is displayed with LED indicators before the cow leaves the bail, allowing for early diagnosis and treatment of sub-clinically and clinically infected cows.

Detect SCC infections earlier without having to strip the entire herd, reducing overall SCC levels. Improve bulk SCC management and extend milking season due to improve dry off selection, which ultimately increases your profitability.

Compatible with Herringbone and Rotary shed systems.

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Zanda McDonald Award 2022

For many years Allflex/MSD Animal Health have been a long standing supportor and sponsor of the Zanda McDonald Awards. Now in its ninth year, the coveted award recognises future leaders working in agriculture, and provides an impressive prize package centred around tailored mentoring and education. The six talented finalists – three from Australia and three from New Zealand – have been selected for their passion for the industry, strong leadership skills, and the contributions they’re making to the primary sector. One winner will be chosen from each country. The New Zealand finalists are Harriet Bremner, 33, author and health, safety and wellbeing advocate for Rural New Zealand, and farmer at Jericho Station, Southland; Jacques Reinhardt, 34, Station Manager at Castlepoint Station Wairarapa; and Monica Schwass, 31, Future Farming Manager at The NZ Merino Company, based in Christchurch. The Australian finalists are Charles Vaughan, 29, Queensland Operations Coordinator/Group Veterinarian for Australian Cattle Enterprises and Director of Charles Vaughan Veterinary Services Pty Ltd; Mitch Highett, 33, Founder and Managing Director of farm management company Bullseye Agriculture, from Orange NSW; and Sarah Groat, 34, Development Officer for government Agtech programme “Farms of the Future”, for the Department of Primary Industries, who lives on the family farm near Rankin’s Springs NSW. Want to take your career to the next level, then watch this page Zanda McDonald Award | How to Apply and follow them on Facebook for 2024 season. 2023 Winners will be crowned at the inaugural Zanda McDonald Award Impact Summit in Brisbane on Wednesday 15th March 2023.