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Allflex® ID

Previously Protrack®ID. Allflex® ID is an accurate and cost-effective rotary milking shed ID system.


Allflex® ID

Cows are identified via HDX ear tags once they are in the bail for milking. Information on their position is sent to your smart device or touch screen. Audible and/or visual alerts can then be generated manually or using other Allflex modules if problems are detected with that cow.

Audible and visual alert options availbale with our free-flow system – that doesn’t hinder milking time. Automatically and accurately records Allflex® SCC and Allflex® Milk results for each cow. Full MINDA® integration including dynamic groups in the shed. Allflex® ID allows you to draft an animal from the milking screen and access real-time alerts for anomalies (e.g. high cell count, blood in milk) including animals under

Available for Rotary Shed only.