Smart tag investment easy decision

At a glance

Will Gibson
Genetics consultant and farmer


  • Making informed decisions based on individual animal identification.
  • Keeping track of which animals have a continually low condition score or continually produce singles.


  • Compare ram sources and make breed changes.
  • Culling decisions can be made easier based on individual animal performance.
  • Draft out low performing ewes or ewes that consistently produce multiple lambs. 


Will admits to being a strong advocate for collecting individual animal data using Allflex EID tags comes easily from his role with genetics consultancy NeXtgen Agri. “I know there’s a heap of value to come out of EID tagging by actually finding out what the flock is doing, without really doing any more work,” he says.

Potential value gained far exceeds the $2 per head cost of putting an electronic identification (EID) tag in the ear of every ewe lamb in the country, says genetics consultant and farmer Will Gibson.

Will Gibson