Automatic Cup Removers

Prevent over-milking with accurate take-off.

Cup Removers

Automatic cup removers accurately sense milk flow and automatically remove the cups when the flow drops below a predefined threshold. This prevents over-milking and frees operators from manual cluster removal, enabling them to focus on other tasks.

You can also opt to display individual cow milk production yield once the cups have been removed.


  • Speeds up milking
  • Prevents over-milking
  • Improve milker comfort, reduces risk of repetitive strain injuries
  • Improve cow comfort, udder health and milk production
  • Easy to install – including retrofits
  • Suits herringbone and rotary shed configurations
  • Simple operation, with easy-start functionality

Set up options

  • P552 – ACR System without milk yield display
  • P553 – ACR System with milk yield display