Investing in Allflex RapID tags now for better future performance

At a glance

Fraser and Shelley Avery
Location: Bonavaree, South of Blenheim
2500 hectares, 3500 mixed age ewes and
1020 two-tooths
RapID tags


  • Tracking abortion in hoggets late pregnancy.
  • Tracking incremental changes


  • Monitoring individual and small mob performance
  • Linking carcase data to genetics
  • Effectively record and track ewe weight, grazing management and fertility history


Fraser Avery is a steadfast advocate for on farm monitoring. He is prepared to spend a bit of money on it, even when the benefits are not immediately obvious at the start.

At Bonavaree, climate monitoring stations have been installed with a view to finding out more around climate, soils and production. Although Bonavaree has exceptional ewe flock performance, Fraser sees room to do better. Having a large ewe flock of 3500 mixed age ewes and 1020 two-tooths, means that any changes, no matter how small, can make a big difference to the bottom line.

Fraser Avery - Allflex customer
Fraser Avery

“I’m learning how to get more our of it all the time, from talking to others who use it.”

Fraser Avery