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Electronic Tag – RapID Tag

The preferred EID solution for both sheep and goats

Product Details

RapID Tags are the preferred EID solution for both sheep and goats, with the highest quality RFID transponder built into the stem to maximize read distance. Available with both alpha and numeric printing options. This electronic one-piece tag system has a unique swivel action steam to reduce infection and aid in healing.

Available custom marked in strips of 20.

Features and benefits

RapID tags provide both electronic ID solutions, as well as a visual tag that can be customised with many print options and coloursMulti-functional tag that aids in the identification of sheep and goats
Highest quality Radio Frequency Identification transponder built into the stemThis means a maximised read distance and read rate results in noisy environments i.e. meat works and steel sheep drafting units, providing you time saving and streamlined on farm processes
Available printed to suit your identification purposes with alpha and numeric, one and two-line printing on top of tagFull customisation for on farm identification management
Unique swivel action stemThis reduces infection and aids in less healing time reducing discomfort for the animal
Custom marked available in strips of 20Rapid Application method aids in time efficiencies
Compatible with automatic EID drafting gatesProviding on farm efficiencies. Allflex will work with any supplier to providing on farm solutions

Rapid Tags


76mm (W) x 14mm (H)

Colours available

RapID tag colours - Allflex

Available in 10 colours providing options to suit all year colour coding requirements.


Can be applied with the RapIDTagger (single shot applicator) or a RapIDmatic Applicator (20- shot rapid fire applicator for quick and easy application.

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