Allflex collars improving in calf rates and cow health

At a glance

Wendy and David Harker, farm owners
Location: Te Awamutu, Waikato
Herd size: 430 cow dairy farm
Farm size: 252 hectares


  • Wanting to take a step back and spend less time in the shed, but keep an eye on cow health and reproduction information.
  • Improve conception rates and retain cows wherever possible.


  • Improved breeding window accuracy.
  • Ability to tighten up the calving pattern.
  • Valuable health information for cows transitioning from the colostrum herd.
  • Remove tail paint, scratches, and bulls from the operation. Reduce the use of CIDRs.
  • Lifestyle – manage mating plan remotely.
  • Monitor cow recovery and effectiveness of treatments.


Wendy and David Harker are really enjoying the health and breeding information they get from Allflex collars. It’s enabled them to have a decent break between calving and mating, as well as improving in-calf rates and cow health.

Wendy and David Harker - Allflex Customer Story

“Our staff love the collars now. There’s no tail paint, no scratches and no bulls.”

Wendy Harker, Owner of Westell Farm