Monitoring collars promote removal of tail paint, scratches and bulls

At a glance

Kevin and Cherie van der Poel
Alkemade Dairies Ltd
Location: Ohaupo, Waikato 
400 milking cows, Kiwi Cross (Holstein and Jersey)


  • Maximize heat identification and AI accuracy. 
  • Increase milk production. 
  • Automate monitoring to minimise daily involvement and staffing needs. 
  • Create a higher value herd.


  • Estimated 30% higher milk production. 
  • More accurate and less labour-intensive heat detection. 
  • Earlier diagnosis of health and feed issues facilitates faster, more effective treatment. 
  • Extra stock to sell, with more choice of which young stock to keep. 
  • Access to farm data from any PC enables remote management and decision-making. 


Alkemade Dairies Limited in Ohaupo, Waikato, was acquired in 2015 by Kevin and Cherie van der Poel after many years dairy farming in New Zealand and the US. They continue to maintain the herd of 400 Kiwi Cross milking cows, whose diet is divided evenly between grass and supplements.

Kevin and Cherie van der Poel - Allflex customers

“Dairy farming is a challenge as a whole. The Heatime Pro System is simply helping us do everything better.”

Kevin van der Poel, owner of Alkemade Dairies Ltd.