Accurate heat detection equals less empties for 650 cow dairy farm

At a glance

Location: Isla Bank
Herd Size: Approx. 650 Dairy Cows
Farm Size: 480ha
Herd Breakdown: 650 Holstein Friesians


  • Increase the efficiency of Identifying cows on heat.
  • Improve conception rates and retain cows wherever possible.
  • Achieve a better work-life balance without placing more pressure on their team or having a negative effect on their production.


  • Improved breeding window accuracy.
  • Ability to tighten up the calving pattern.
  • Valuable health information for cows suffering from mastitis.
  • Removal of tail paint, scratches and bulls from the operation.
  • Reduced empty rates.
  • Lifestyle – manage mating plan remotely.
  • Improved sexed semen conception rates.


Cathy and Owen run spilt-calving, on their Southland dairy farm. Their 650 Holstein Fresians allow them to supply Fonterra year-round. However, it also means they are calving for a total of 20 weeks a year and traditionally spent a lot on heat detection aids – such as tail paint or scratch off patches.

Owen Copinga - Allflex Customer Story

“We were able to proactively manage non-cycling cows because we had real-time, accurate information,”

Owen Copinga, Southland