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Visual Tag – Super Maxi Female

The largest visual tag in the Allflex identification tag range.

Product Details

The Allflex Super Maxi Female tag is the largest visual tag in the Allflex range, most commonly used for the identification of cattle with long haired ears / heads.

It can be paired with Allflex Male Button, Large and Maxi tags (not small or medium tags).

Pair with the Allflex Maxi Male tag to add extra visibility when looking at the animal from both in front and behind.

Features and benefits

Largest visual tag in the rangeProvides high visibility for the farmer
Animal numbers are marked with our patented LaserPlus (jet black) marking, text and vertical year codes are laser markedThe most visible and long-lasting identification print on the market for ID longevity
Multiple marking options available including a wide variety of letter and number combinationsFlexibility for customised on farm identification management
Patented shape and swivel collarOur shape and stem design outperforms other profiles in both retention and durability. The swivel collar allows the tags to automatically find their center of gravity meaning it is less prone to snagging
UV stabilised materialDesigned to withstand New Zealand’s harsh UV conditions to ensure sustainability and avoid fading

Super Maxi Female

Product dimensions - Super Maxi
121mm (H) x 76mm (W)

Colours available

small female male and super maxi colour swatches - Allflex

Available in 8 colours providing options to suit all year colour coding requirements.

*The colour representation may vary in real products


Can be applied using the following Allflex applicators,