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Tissue Sampling Unit (TSU)

A quick DNA sampling method that is user-friendly, reliable, easy to transport and efficient to process.

Product Details

The Allflex Tissue Sampling Unit (TSU) unit provides a quick and easy DNA sampling method that is user-friendly, reliable, easy to transport, and the most efficient way to process DNA samples in a lab. 

These units take an ear punch which can replace tail hair, blood, semen or other sample types used for DNA, Pestivirus or other serology testing. TSU’s can be used on all livestock types. 

It is commonly used to collect tissue samples from the ear of cattle, sheep, deer and pigs.

Fast, high performance tissue sample collectionA single-squeeze motion collects a sample with minimum distress to the animal
Minimise retestingTissue samples contain a large quantity of high-quality DNA for genetic analysis, yielding excellent lab results
Can be paired to matching visual and management tags, creating an absolute sample-to-animal linkageDramatically reduces the chance of mistakes by removing the need for manual data entry and additional technology.  Perfect for farmers looking to utilise benefits of DNA, proving parentage and genetic gains
Sample integrity Sealed & positively identified with both a 2D barcode and ID panel
Ease of storage and transportCan be stored in the fridge, no need to freeze
Clean & uncontaminated large samplesThe genetic material is sealed in a specially designed preservative, 4 tests can be taken from one sample

Product Dimensions


56mm (W) x 25mm (H)

Application Guide

Allflex TSU’s are applied using an Allflex
TSU Applicator