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Lazamatic Applicator

Suitable for use with the Allflex visual tag range.

Product Details

The Allflex Lazamatic Applicator has a pistol grip handle that immediately retracts the application pin out of the ear providing a high-speed application process ideal for high volume tagging events.

The Lazamatic Applicator is suitable for use with the Allflex visual tag range including Male and Female Buttons, Mini, Small, Medium, Large, Maxi and Super Maxi tags.

Produced from specialised materials for durabilityEnables long term use in the harshest farm environments
Ergonomic grip Eases hand fatigue from repeated use
Quick and simple application

Lazamatic Applicator

Allflex Lazamatic applicator blue

20.5cm (H) x 20.5cm (W)


Allflex Lazamatic applicator

*This color representation may vary in real products

Application Guide

The Lazamatic Applicator can be used to apply the following Allflex tags,
All Visual Tags, Super Maxi, Large, Medium, Small, Mini, Buttons.