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EID Lazamatic Applicator

The Allflex EID LazaMatic Applicator is suitable for use with the Allflex FDX or HDX cattle and deer NAIT tags.

Product Details

The EID Lazamatic Applicator is suitable for use with Allflex Cattle Electronic HDX and FDX Tags.

Effectively applies Cattle and Deer, HDX and FDX tagsPistol grip handle reduces the chance of hand entrapment
Quick-fire mechanism with swiveling jaw for right or left-handed operationRugged, ergonomic design

EID Lazamatic Applicator

20.5cm (H) x 20.5cm (W)

Orange and Red

*This color representation may vary in real products


The Allflex EID Lazamatic applicator can be used to apply,
Cattle Electronic Tag (HDX) – High Performance
Cattle Electronic Tag (FDX) – Low Cost
Deer Electronic Tag (HDX)-High Performance
Deer Electronic Tag (FDX)- Low Cost