Monitoring what exactly?

We’ve broken our FAQs into sections… (we know you’re probably busy!)

  • Should I use visual heat detection aids to make sure the system doesn’t miss a heat?
  • How does the collar data determine when a cow is ready for AI?
  • How does an Allflex collar help with animal health?
  • How will monitoring help make my AI spend more efficient?
  • Can you help a farmer figure out the all-important return on investment calculation?
  • If I put collars on my cows, will I get more milk production?
  • Does having a collar on hurt the cow?
  • How Allflex collars are designed.
  • Do these collars monitor temperature and if so, why not?
  • Can and should I share the data with my vet?
  • How much experience does MSD Allflex have in New Zealand?
  • Why does MSD and Allflex have vets working on collar technology?
  • So, if I have collars on my farm, do I still need a vet?
  • How does a farmer know if the product is going to work reliably in a real farm application?

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